Reset Prestashop admin password

Reset Prestashop admin password

If you dont remeber your Prestashop admin password and you are still trying to log in into Prestashop back office without effects. This short paper is exactly for you. With this article you will know how to reset your Prestashop admin password. Read this step by step tutorial for reset Prestashop password.

1. Log in into your FTP account

For reset prestashop password you must be able to log in into your Prestashop FTP account. That’s important because you’ll need access to one file in Prestashop directory described in next step.

2. Check config/ file

Look in config/ file in your Prestashop directory and find out the _COOKIE_KEY_ value. This value in IT nomencalture is called as salt.

3. Log in into your PhpMyAdmin

You must have access to PhpMyAdmin or other database managment system. If you’re logged in, try to run the following SQL code and replace the <> variables with values:

<_COOKIE_KEY_> that is salt value from config/ file described in step 2

<yourNewPassword> that is your new password value

<youremailaddress> that is your administrator email address, probably yours ๐Ÿ˜‰

UPDATE employee SET passwd = md5(โ€œ<_COOKIE_KEY_ value><yourNewPassword>โ€) WHERE email = โ€œ<youremailaddress>โ€;

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